Welcome to Deep Creek Construction School a VA approved training facility

Get the training you need to become a Heavy Equipment Operating Engineer and the assistance you need to find employment.

We are very serious about developing in you the skills that will give you the ability to do the work that needs to be done. We are also very serious about assisting you with finding employment when you graduate. My pledge to you is that we will develop these skills in you and that we will assist you in finding employment.

Christopher C. Casey- Director

We Train and Certify Heavy Equipment Operating Engineers. What will make you a Certified Heavy Equipment Operating Engineer is when you have the equipment skills and the site skills to do the work that you will be expected to do. It is easy to tell if someone has these skills when you know what to look for. Most contractors do know what to look for in the Equipment Operators they hire.

The Equipment Skills

The equipment skills of a Heavy Equipment Operating Engineer are those skills that apply to what we call “Yellow” or “Horizontal” equipment. That equipment includes, but is not limited to, all Dozers, Backhoes, Excavators, Wheel Loaders, Skid Steers, Skip Loader Graders, the 140M CAT Road Grader, and everything else used in dirt work. They do not include cranes or truck driving – semi trucks.

As a Heavy Equipment Operating Engineer, you will be expected to take on any piece of equipment the contractor may own or rent for a job. You will be expected to, within a short period of time (usually a half a day or less), become productive with that piece of equipment. Being productive with it means operating it within the Industry Standards.

We will train and certify you here at Deep Creek Construction School on 10 different pieces of equipment. You will become certified to industry standards on each piece. When you graduate you will have the skills to be able to operate them all. And, we will video your equipment skills and you will put them up on your YouTube channel so everyone can see that you have them.

Site Skills

The site skills are what is needed on every job to get the work done properly, safely, and on time. Over 90% of the time the Heavy Equipment Operating Engineer is the one in charge of the work on the site. That means you may be responsible and need to be trained and certified in construction Rigging, Grade Checking, Dig Alert, Oxygen Acetylene Cutting, Math, Safety, Air Brakes, and Supervision.

Being trained and certified here at Deep Creek Construction School means you did your examination in front of a camera and the results were put up on your YouTube channel so the experts and contractors in the industry can see that you were properly trained.

Go to our YouTube channel and click on some of the links to our graduates there. See what they did to get a certificate from Deep Creek Construction School. Your channel will look something like the

Heavy Equipment Operator Training Program Explained.