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Dump Truck Skill Development program


A qualified and licensed Dump Truck Driver will only operate equipment that is in good working condition, he will operate it safely, and he is someone who can dump the load on the spot where it needs to go.  The training videos below give the contractor the Proof of Competence he is looking for in his dump truck operators.  We do these videos for all of our students.  We train on 10 different pieces of equipment and 10 different site skills.  Note: We do not train on just the “Dump Truck alone.”


A video showing him dumping on a spot


A video showing him doing the Air Brake Tests


A video showing him doing Start-Up-Procedures


A video showing him explaining the Air-Brake-Basics





Deep Creek Construction School – Heavy Equipment Operator Training

Dump Truck Skills – Dumping on a Spot

A Certificate of Completion from a school certified that the holder attended school and completed a program, but, it has no proof of his competence.  A Deep Creek Construction School Certificate is a National Certificate.  However, like all the other certificates in the world today, it has no proof of competence.  And, no one knows for sure what someone can do.

The picture of the operator below, is a step up from a Certificate.  It shows him with the equipment he trained on.

A video though, is the best at showing the Proof of Competence needed to be a dump truck operator.  Here are some screenshots taken from a video.He drives up, sees the spot to dump, and dumps dead on it.  He will put this video up on his YouTube Channel with the other 40+ videos and sends links from his YouTube channel to contractors hiring.


He has three other videos to produce to get certify with the Dump Truck.  Two with Air Brakes – Air Brake Tests video and an Air Brake Basics Video and one Start-Up-Porcedures.  In the Air Brake Tests video he must not only demonstrate doing a daily inspection, but he must explain the process as he is doing it.In the Air


Brake Basics video, he explains some important considerations.  We do Start-Up-Procedures to get familure with the equipment, make sure the attachments work properly, and to cycle the hydrolic fluid through the system.  These videos will giveto him the Proof of Competence he will need to be an instructor or an operator of a dump truck.

The Dump Truck and Air Brake training that you will get at Deep Creek Construction School is just one part of the total program.  We train on 10 different pieces of equipment and on 10 different site skills.  We do not train and certify specifically on the “Dump Truck.”