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Grade Checking Skill Development

Qualified Grade Checkers have three primary and very basic skills. They can read an Engineers Rule, they can set up a Transit to Level, and they can do the Grade Checking Process. The training videos below give the grade checker the Proof of Competence of the skills that the contractor is looking for in his Grade Checkers. We do these videos for all our students. Note: We do not train on just “Grade Checking” alone.

A video showing him demonstrating how to “Read an Engineers Rule.”

A video showing him “Setting up a Transit to Level.”

A video showing him “Explaining the Grade Checking Process.” videos of the Grade Checking Skills give contractors the Proof of Competence they are looking for. These videos are the real certificate – certification. We train on 10 different pieces of equipment and 10 different site skills.  We do not train and certify specifically on “Grade Checking.”