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Rigging Training and Certification

The training videos below give the Proof of Competence that the contractor is looking for in his Rigger. We do these videos for all our students. Note: We do not train on just “Rigging” alone.

In the video below, he is explaining a few major considerations for “Inspecting the Rigging.”

In this video below, he is explaining how to “Attach the Rigging to the Load” using the Bridal, Basket, and Chocker Hitches – with multiple legs and wraps.

In this video below, he will show you how to “Calculate the Safe Working Load” for Rope and Wire Rope rigging. This safe working load is a number that represents 1/5 of the riggings capacity.

In the Video below, he is showing how to determine the Safe Working Load for each sling considering Sling Stress. Sling Stress weakens the rigging and needs to be taken into consideration.

The Riggers responsibilities are to Inspect the Rigging, Know the Safe Working Load Capacity, and to properly attach it to the load. At Deep Creek Construction School, we give 4 videos that show the Proof of Competence of our graduates as riggers. Note: We do not train on just “Rigging” alone.